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    Looking for a Business Phone Solution?

    We specialize in business phone systems with 200+ solutions for: 

    Onsite PBX - Hosted Cloud VoIP - Hybrid - Contact Center - Voice & Data Lines

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  • Command your business from anywhere

    Command Your Business From Anywhere

    Ditch the Office by Using Remote and Mobile Business  Systems

    With the right solutions, there's nothing you can't do.


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    Telecom and IT Infrastructure Specialists

    The power of an advanced global network communications provider

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    Put Time In Your Day & Money in Your Budget

    We can save you time and money on your business phone and internet bills... and we can prove it. 

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Your Telecommunications Expert and Technology Solutions Provider 

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Need A Business Phone System?

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You are in the right place. Sonoran Integrations is the only telecommunications specialist offering nearly 40 years experience, a portfolio of over 200 solutions, and a 5x better net promoter score than any of the competition.

Analyze: Whether you need an onsite system, a hosted cloud system, or a hybrid of the two, our seasoned experts will analyze your operations and goals, and pinpoint the perfect fit for your needs.

Advocate: Once the right solution is determined, we go to work designing all aspects of your system, negotiating on your behalf, and securing the best possible terms.  We are your advocates and champions, calling on all our resources and putting in the time so that you don't have to.

Actualize: Experienced technicians and project managers will ensure that your solutions are implemented with minimal disruption to your daily operations.  By overseeing the deployment, and staying your trusted advisor through maintenance and upgrades, we make sure you receive a seamless delivery of services and applications that work for your organization today and adapt gracefully as your needs change in the future.Learn More

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Tired of Your Current Carrier?

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Frustration-Free Carrier Management

Don't ever call your carrier again!  We provide freedom from dealing with carriers, whether or not you sourced the service through us.

  • Save 15-66% on voice and data lines sourced through us
  • Save an average of 76 hours requesting quotes/changes to contracts and services
  • Eliminate 6-83 hours/month in carrier support ticket resolution
  • Gain peace of mind and full visibility through our circuit-monitoring dashboardLearn More


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Need to Improve Sales?

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Next-Level Customer Experience

Growth happens when clients and customers have a good experience and find you easy to deal with. This can only be accomplished through communication. Expand your growth by: 

  • Fine-tuning your current communication systems and channels
  • Integrating channels with internal tracking systems
  • Optimizing or adding IVRs for efficiency
  • Adding call handling software to increase functionality and capacity

We have solutions to improve and expand your ability to handle new business, and we will find the right route for you to enhance your customer experience.

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Curious About Cloud?

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The core technology and philosophies behind traditional phone systems were developed when most work was done by people sitting at desks in office buildings. Companies changed and grew slowly and customer expectations were relatively static. Not much about the way people used telephones to communicate with businesses changed from the 50s through the end of the century. Then something happened. Use of the Internet became more widespread and disrupted our thinking about what it means to run a business. Old assumptions about work were challenged and new tools for productivity and collaboration emerged.Learn More

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Ready for Better Support?

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Two-Step Transfer

Tired of ‘babysitting’ vendors or chasing down solutions?

Anyone can sell telecom, but it takes an expert to make it all work. 

If you want to get back to your job and stop dealing with multiple providers, vendors, and carriers that don’t follow through, we can make the transition to our award-wining support easy for you.

Fill out one simple form, and we’ll do the rest.  Learn More

Watch to see how a vendor-neutral advisor can help you: 

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Why Work With Us?
Telecom Specialists

Anyone can sell third-party phone systems, but it takes an expert to provide a comprehensive, fully integrated communication system from circuits to advanced applications.  Our highly skilled technicians have been streamlining complex communication systems nationally for nearly 40 years.

Award-Winning Service

Other telecom companies have a maximum net promoter score of 38%, while ours is 91%!  That means we are 5x better than our competitors at service and satisfaction.

Right-Fit Guarantee

As a vendor-neutral telecom specialist, we stay on top of all new premises and cloud-based technology and have over 200 solutions to choose from when finding the right solution for your organization's needs. This means we can provide the right solutions for you, and we won't push any particular brand or label if it's not the right fit. 

What Are People Saying About Us?

As a call center making almost 15,000 calls per day, our business relies heavily on the telephony solution we have in place, so it's comforting to know we have a partner that we can rely upon and trust.

– Neutron Industries –

Moving to Sonoran has been a great experience. Unlike other firms we’ve worked with, Sonoran Integrations provides total transparency and honesty.  If you are on the fence about whom to choose for telecommunications, save yourself the trouble and pick Sonoran. They actually CARE about the customer and getting the solution right

– Southwest Service Administrators –

You always feel like their #1 Priority

The personal touch, timely resolution, along with knowledgeable staff puts them above the rest.  If you want a company that “knows their stuff”, this is the company.  

– Mygrant Glass –

They Are a Part of Your Team

Dedicated support, experience, expertise, and great communication every single step of the way. I can honestly say they are more than a service provider; they are a part of your team. Selecting Sonoran Integrations is a no-brainer.

– Southeast Directional Drilling –

Hands Down, the Best Customer Service of All Our Vendors.

A competent vendor with tested results to handle your technical business needs without worry, Sonoran Integrations is the company you can trust.  The peace of mind we have now has been the biggest benefit of working with Sonoran Integrations. 

– Hall & Evans, Attorneys at Law –