Sonoran Integrations is your global communications and IT partner, headquartered in Phoenix Arizona. We provide a world class experience focusing in the Southwest, Midwest & Southeastern United States. 

We welcome you to test us on our mission: to show you that our customers are our most valuable asset. That means you’re not wasting time and money. Any challenge, any environment: Sonoran Integrations is on your side.


Our Story

Sonoran Integrations opened its doors in 2003 as the communications industry was beginning to welcome VoIP. We searched through all IP-based voice platforms to partner with the finest manufacturers. We put in that time so you don’t have to.

Sonoran Integrations enjoys the highest ShoreTel Partner designation. We were awarded Gold Partner status for a combination of volume, certifications, and most importantly – customer satisfaction. We are the only ShoreTel Gold Certified partners headquartered in Arizona.

Sonoran integrations now has the capability to focus in three main areas: Unified Communication Solutions, Carrier Service Solutions & IT Managed Solutions.

Our Value


At Sonoran Integrations, we simply want to help make your organization better through technology solutions. Our goal is to make your organization more effective, profitable or support centric by implementing solutions that allow you to reduce your overall monthly costs, manage your own system, as well as implement advanced features & applications – just as you need them.

At Sonoran, we understand that it's overlapping relationships that build highly successful organizations.  While offering three main solution verticals (UC, IT & CS), we are more than willing to be used for only the section of your solution you need us for.  We are never pushy or try to overreach your previously built technical relationships. Being a world class partner means knowing and respecting your boundaries.


Our Leadership

The Sonoran Integrations senior management team brings a wealth of experience in business and technology solutions and services. We place our customers’ experience FIRST in ALL we do. From the first point of contact, to large project implementations, we put a personal touch on everything.

It’s not uncommon to find Sonoran's senior partners guiding strategy in onsite client meetings or assisting Sonoran Integrations technicians working on day to day projects. Every employee at Sonoran Integrations thinks and acts for the long term value of our customers. We work with you to define goals and objectives first, and build the best technical solutions to fit your needs.


Customer Focused

Sonoran Integrations uses one of the most popular and proven metrics for measuring and acting on customer loyalty data. The Net Promoter model is an approach in which we use our Net Promoter score to drive improvements in customer loyalty, support & satisfaction.

Shortly after we finish your solution installation, you will receive a survey from a 3rd party company. They are going to ask you some questions. The focus of the questions is, “Would your recommend Sonoran Integrations solutions and services to someone else?” By asking this question, and by categorizing your answers, we can get a clear measure of our performance through your eyes.

We ask you to respond to these questions on a scale from 0 to 10; your responses indicate which category you fall into.

Customer Focused3
Anything above a 50% is considered world class according to this metric! What’s a benchmark without results to compare it to? Well, see below!

Customer Focused1

Customer Focused2