Reliable Wifi Anywhere

Whether you need a data connection at home, at work, or on the go... Always ON Wifi has you covered. No SIM card necessary.

Total Freedom with vSIM Technology

Our wireless business grade router is embedded with virtual SIM technology- no SIM cards are needed. 

Equipped to evaluate your connection and switch to the strongest signal from multiple you can stay connected anywhere you go.

Enjoy a secure, fast connection from any location with no throttling of speeds.

Router is one-third the cost of its competitors at only $299.00

Choose a Plan. Change Anytime.

3 Carriers.... 1 Device.... Pick Your Price

Optimal speed and quality is automatically achieved through patented artificial intelligence algorithms.  Based on available network signal strength and quality, your device will always scan and choose the best network.


$ 160 /month*
  • 100GB of data per month

  • Multiple carriers on 1 plan

  • Connect up to 32 devices

  • 100% priority data

  • 4 LAN ports for direct connect

  • True plug n play

  • 1x activation cost of $30



$ 260 /month*


$ 220 /month*
  • 450GB of data per month

  • Multiple carriers on 1 plan

  • Connect up to 32 devices

  • 100% priority data

  • 4 LAN ports for direct connect

  • True plug n play

  • 1x activation cost of $30

Ask Us How to Get a Free Device!

Frustration-Free Data Plans

Always ON Wifi plans are flexible to fit your needs. Unlike other carriers, we won't throttle your speeds, charge overages, or hold you captive to a long-term contract. 

Need more data this month? problem.
Need less data the next month? problem. 

You're in control! Increase or decrease data from one month to the next as needed. Just give us 30 days notice and we'll give you the data you want.

Need a large amount of data? problem.

We offer multiple data plan options up to 1TB.  100% priority throttling. 

IoT backup plans available in 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB and 25GB.

Contact us for all available data plans:

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Mobile Wifi & Data...Done Right

Connect up to 10 devices and enjoy a fast, reliable, private wifi connection...with no throttling. Email us today for more information on our mobile hotspot.

A better way to connect

Like you...we experienced the problems with current data carriers and internet providers and decided to change the game.

With Always ON Wifi:
Overage charges...GONE
Throttling of speeds...GONE
Spotty coverage...GONE
Long-term contracts...GONE

Always Fast

Our plans are not subject to speed throttling like the major carriers, so your speed remains consistently fast for your entire plan. Enjoy the same lightning-fast speed to the very last bit of data.

Always Available

Don’t be tied down by your home wifi or cellular data range. With SmartScan™ technology, our devices scan for the best signal to make sure your connection is always optimized.

Always Reliable

If a signal becomes weak or lacks speed, a new network selection is automatically triggered. Combining this with no throttling adds up to a connection you can trust to be Always reliable.

Always Secure

Keep your data to yourself with a private, personal encrypted network and optional VPN. Avoid the risks of public and shared Wifi and keep your information secure.

Our success is dependent upon being connected. We've seen a significant decrease in internet related issues, and a significant increase in workplace efficiency, not to mention an overall bump in employee satisfaction.

The team is communicating with other offices quicker than ever, and are able to focus on what’s important rather than wonder when they will be back online.

Susan B.
Amarillo, Texas
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Your own private connection to the world

Stay connected while staying secure- your Always ON hotspot device can connect up to 10 devices, and provides stable and secure wifi anywhere you want to be. 

SIM cards
Device connections
Hours of Battery Life
mAh Power Bank Charging Station

Want to learn more about vSIM technology?

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