Every Second Counts! 5 Things Schools Need to Prepare for an Emergency

Emergencies can come in many forms, but the fact is: they WILL come. 

Preparing for this reality can make all the difference for our children, teachers, and administrators. Whether the threat comes from natural, biological, technical, or human factors, incidents and emergencies are on the rise in our schools.

Is your school truly prepared? 

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Replace, Buy or Subscribe?  10 Hidden Technology Costs to Consider

No one likes to hear that an investment is aging, reaching end of life, or becoming obsolete and no longer supported.  Although it would be nice if we could buy something once and never have to think about it again, the reality is that the laws of the physical universe (inertia!) and the human need to continually improve on inventions make that impossible.

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Where Has All the Hardware Gone? 3 Reasons Your Technology Should be Shrinking

old technology being thrown away

Equipment shortages, and notices of “end of life” or “end of sale” are becoming more and more common in the business world, as companies face tough decisions on replacing or removing their aging technology.  Couple this with the increasing hype around virtualizing, moving to the cloud, and subscribing to technology “as a service” , and it’s no wonder that businesses are scratching their heads about their tech strategy.

Is it just a marketing ploy?  Are the IT and communication companies doing this on purpose just to make another sale?

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Digital Transformation: Life or Death for Businesses- Part 2

Quick review– digital transformation spending last year was $1.2 trillion, and is projected to be $2.4 trillion next year.  Not million, not billion, 2.4 TRILLION with a T.  In case you're wondering, a trillion has 12 zeros...or to put it into perspective, one trillion is equal to a million millions….if that helps at all. 

The point is...those are a lot of eggs to put into one basket, and for good reason. 

Why? Because the companies that don’t invest and transform into a new digital version of themselves have an expiration date on their door. More than half of the Fortune 500 companies of 2000 are already gone, and the death toll is rising.  Consumers, employees, and the market itself demand quicker, faster, better, and this requires moving into the digital age.  Those who don’t keep up are simply left behind.  (read Part 1 for more on this)

So what's driving this digital revolution?

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Digital Transformation: It means life or death (for businesses...)


52% of the Fortune 500 list businesses in 2000 are gone. Dead. 

That’s more than half of the highest revenue-producing companies in the country wiped off the face of the earth.  Why?  Digital transformation.  Companies who saw the writing on the wall and adjusted their operations accordingly are still around and going strong.  The others, well,.... not so much.

Digital transformation, or digital disruption,  isn’t a passing fad, a blip on the radar, a small wave….. it’s a tsunami.   Your business WILL be affected by it, so considering the facts now can prepare you to ride the wave instead of being tossed and drowned by it.

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STOP the Churn: 3 expensive sources of turnover and 1 remedy

Churn is becoming the bottomless money pit of most businesses.  What does “churn” mean? It’s a cute term given to a very ugly realty:  big bucks lost due to turnover in technology, staff and customers.

By the time you read this, your phone will become obsolete. Your customer will be trying a new flavor-of-the-week vendor, and your employees will be searching for new opportunities on LinkedIn.

In this swirling environment of change, how do you get out of the churn whirlpool and stabilize your business?  Read on to see the three biggest capital drains, and the surprising way they all relate.

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Think you don’t need a Contact Center?  3 reasons to think again...

You might think that contact centers are something only large enterprises need, or that they are an expensive luxury which couldn’t possibly fit your company’s budget.

The reality is that when it comes to contact centers, size does NOT matter, and there are a variety of models and options to fit your company’s needs  AND pocketbook. 

Even if you think the old fashioned way of answering calls is working just fine for your company… it’s worth taking a moment to make sure.  Why?  Because times have changed. 

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Is Customer Experience Hindering Sales? Use this checklist to find out...

Competition is fierce in today’s economy, and your customers are too busy to give you a second chance.

People expect the highest level of care and communication these days, and if that’s not what they experience when they reach out to your company... well, they have no problem taking their business elsewhere.

Savvy decision makers know this, and they know it’s vital for their entire staff to be reachable, professional and customer-focused at all times – no matter what, no matter where, and no matter when.

If excellent service is your business model, take 5 minutes to make sure your current communication system is the right one to reach this goal.

Use the checklist below to evaluate if your business communication system gives your customers the experience they expect. Any items NOT checked off may signal that you could be getting more out of your phone system, and that someone else may be getting YOUR customers.

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Owning vs. renting phone systems: 3 FACTORS TO CONSIDER

Unified Communications ROI TCO


Rentals, leases, subscriptions, auto pay, auto ship, monthly memberships… it seems everywhere you turn these days someone is asking you to pay for something without really owning it.

While the subscription model is making products and services available to us that we might not have had access to before, there’s still something to be said for good old-fashioned ownership.

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What You Need to Know About the Mitel Acquisition of ShoreTel

Announcements Cloud-Based VoIP Systems onsite acquisitions merger mitel shoretel

There’s a reason the saying, “Nothing is sure but change,” has become a cliché. 

It’s because it’s TRUE.

In the business world, companies seem to either be looking to buy or looking to be bought. The swapping of corporations has become as common as trading lunch box goodies in a school cafeteria. So, it should come as no surprise when we hear announcements such as Mitel’s recent acquisition of ShoreTel.

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