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It’s that time where the new year is upon us.

 What are your plans for your companies IT infrastructure for 2017?

 Is it the upgrade of your phone system?  Is it a review of your phone and internet circuits? Perhaps it is a review of your computer network and perhaps moving your data center to an offsite data center. With each of these thoughts Sonoran can be of assistance.

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Sonoran Integrations just attended ShoreTel’s annual conference at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando Florida.  Some of the topics that were discussed were Google Apps. ShoreTel’s Edge gateway for remote users, ShoreTel’s Cloud service, and the new ShoreTel Summit application. We are scheduling time to meet with each customer to assist with planning for 2017.  Please reach out to us to schedule your time with the Sonoran Team.


Other items to look deeper into for planning for 2017.

Cloud Based Services

Have you thought about moving to “the cloud?”  If you have an iPhone, you are probably used to hearing this term, but you may not know exactly what it is. The cloud is a network of remote servers that allow you to have access to everything you need wherever you are. There’s no strings attached. You won’t have to pay for upgrades or maintenance fees and all of your documents are in one virtual storage unit. So, whether you’re in the office or on the road you can be sure that all of your  documents will be at your fingertips.

The 5 Metrics that every Contact Center manager should know.
What are they?  How do they help your Call Center? How do they help manage your staffing levels?

There are a lot of reasons that contact center managers should keep working to find the right metrics from their contact center data. Business insights, available from data that has historically been locked away in a phone system, are invaluable to a company that wants to use their contact center as a tool for achieving business objectives. With the right metrics from your contact center, you and your team will have the data you need to manage your customer experience, get the most out of your contact center employees and maximize the return on your investment.

Win a $50.00 gift card for signing up for a remote demonstration of our Contact Center Solution that helps provide these solutions for your Company’s contact Center.


Remote Meetings

Many companies are aware that although you might be “on vacation” and your forwarding email is set, you are never truly offline. If a customer needs something or the deal you were waiting on to close out the quarter is minutes away from going through, you may need to have a quick meeting with your team. That’s where Sonoran Integrations comes in. Through a cloud-based system you can continue your meetings virtually just as if you were right in front of each other.  You can video conference and even share files instantly.  For added assistance, this cloud solution allows you to share browser windows and make presentations, all at a moments notice. With functionality like that, you can spend your vacation time knowing that should a problem arise, you’ll be able to handle it quickly and efficiently.

Bring on 2017!  With Sonoran Integrations, you and your employees can enjoy this season and still stay on top of all of the demands of work for the remainder of the season. As 2017 begins reach out to your Sonoran Team and set up a planning meeting for your IT solutions!