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Prevent outage downtime before it prevents you from running your business!


How to Prevent Downtime

What does it cost your business to be down?

Identifying potential problems before they strike is a daunting task, given the wide array of factors that can affect a business from the inside and the outside. With a little bit of planning and a few preventative measures, however, you can protect your productivity and fortify yourself from outages and downtime.

We highly recommend that you.... 

1. Change your oil

How long will your car run well if you never change the oil or do routine maintenance? Would you rather use a lunch hour to do an oil change or wait to break down on the side of the road and be out of a car?

It's no different with your business communication equipment. 

Make sure your hardware and software is up to date, and schedule updates when it's best for you...rather than having a critical function go down at the wrong moment.  Staying on top of this protects your investment, and allows you to get the most "mileage" out of it.

Most updates can be done with little to no interruption to you.. and many are free if you don't get behind and out of date. No need to worry about tackling this yourself- check with your trusted IT and Communications partner to find out if you are due for an update.

2. Don't put all your eggs in one basket

There are many cost effective ways to put redundancies and fail-overs in place for your phones, internet, and data channels.  A backup data source or roll-over plan can be like insurance for your operations, and keep your business moving without a hitch. 

The best way to diversify your communication channels and implement a back-up plan depends a lot on your current set-up.  Rather than spend hours on the internet learning about the hundreds of options, contact us for a free recommendation report. 

3. Get a watchdog

Real-time security monitoring and circuit monitoring services exist... and they can detect problems and threats before they cause an issue.  Circuit monitoring can be deployed for little or even no cost, depending on your carrier, and real-time security monitoring and remediation costs less than you may think.  By investing a little to detect and thwart problems as soon as they arise, you are saving yourself incalculable amounts in after-the-fact damage control.

Having these "watchdogs" in place saves you valuable time and protects you from loss.  

4. Look behind the curtain

Do you know what your current bandwidth usage is? 

How about call volume- do you know how many calls you get, and how many are dropped or can't get through?

If you're missing calls...do you know WHICH systems are getting overloaded and causing you to miss out on important communication?

Do you know how many customers or clients are unable to get through to you due to high call volumes? Do you have a way to visually track your peak times in order to schedule staff at the most needed times?

Instead of wondering, hoping, or blindly starting the arduous research of these answers yourself, you can get all the data you need by analytics tools that allow you to "look behind the curtain" and take steps to improve in needed areas.

Employing analytics tools provides valuable data- empowering you to make adjustments to maximize your productivity. 

5. Take a detour

Communication channels deal with the same kind of traffic jams, delays and unexpected accidents that we deal with on our morning commute. Rather than wondering why you can't download a file, connect to the internet,  or receive any client calls, employ SD-WAN technology to monitor, route, and direct your data traffic behind the scenes.  This technology is affordable, flexible, and maximizes your data connections for optimal speed and quality. 

(Have no idea what SD-WAN is?  Don't worry you're not alone. Find out what it is and why you need it HERE.)


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