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How much can you save with a cloud phone system?

Our study looked at 19 companies’ phone costs and the results may surprise you.

To see how businesses like yours save 50% or more every month, read on...

Making a decision on what model of phone system to invest in should be based on more than cost alone.  Your daily operation needs, the way your customers want to communicate with you, the feature set that matters for your optimal efficiency, geographic needs that can influence reliability, and many other factors come into play. Comparison Chart
But we're not talking about those factors today... we're talking cold, hard, make-or-break your bottom-line cost. 
For many business owners, the mentality of "owning is cheaper than renting" can be so ingrained that it obscures the reality.
Is it truly more cost effective to purchase a phone system rather than utilize a monthly service (cloud) model?
We wanted to find out, so a study was conducted. 
This study took a sample of 19 small businesses who were considering replacing their phone systems. It compared monthly bills from their current phone service providers against cloud phone system pricing. It also looked at what these businesses paid upfront for their phone systems.

What we analyzed

In the spirit of “apples-to-apples,” we compared only those features that both cloud-based systems and the competitors provide.

For the 19 customers, monthly service costs for the following were averaged:

  • Fee per line
  • Local calling fees per line
  • Long distance fees per line
  • Carrier fees per line (not including local, state, and federal charges that all carriers must collect)

In addition, the study averages the upfront costs of an on-premises phone system, plus the deskphones themselves (focusing on systems that support up to 15 lines.) The ongoing support and maintenance costs of a traditional on-premise phone systems were not factored in, just to keep it pure and compare only the output for getting a phone system up and running. 


The result

Whitepaper image

When all the monthly fees listed above were tallied, the end result was a 53% savings on monthly costs!

You can see all the numbers and details in the full whitepaper report: 

Cost savings are just the beginning. Cloud phone systems offer a full suite of Fortune 500 style features, such as auto attendant, hunt groups, music-on-hold, conferencing, mobile apps and much more.  These features aren't just a luxury anymore- but are essential for current communication needs.  And these features all require additional hardware and costs with a traditional phone system.... but they come included in a cloud phone system!

Getting started with cloud phone service is simple and, of course you can keep your existing phone numbers.

To get a quote for your company and see how much your monthly savings could be, contact us for a free, no obligation quote and bill analysis.


Too shy to reach out? We get it.

So to give you a general idea of your cost savings, try our easy cloud calculator here.


Cloud Phone System vs. an Onsite Phone System

A hosted cloud system is simple to set up, use and manage. Onsite PBX hardware is not required. And, cloud delivers enterprise-class features like auto attendant, hunt groups and hold music, at significant savings. How does your onsite phone system stack up?