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Is your company still stuck using a phone system with landlines? Do you have multiple employees working offsite from your main offices? Are your IT people too busy updating software that they can’t make progress on your company’s higher priorities? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the solution to your problem is simpler than you might think. It’s time to rethink your phone system. Sonoran Integrations is just the right company to help you do that!

In today’s fast paced business environment, efficiency is the key to success, but it’s hard for any company to maintain efficiency if it is relying on complicated, outdated, and unreliable communication systems. Businesses are no longer a single-building with landline phones. Now many businesses allow employees to telecommute and have much of their workforce mobile. Many times the only thing holding them back is a more efficient and flexible ability to communicate effectively!

Many companies are moving away from single location, office-based business models. These companies may have a main office that houses many employees, but they also have a number of employees that work from home or are mobile. Because of this shift, it is necessary for these companies to reevaluate their outdated phone systems that do not offer the flexibility that they need to keep their employees connected.

Sonoran Integrations specializes in systems that don’t rely on locked-in locations and landlines. By partnering with ShoreTel as our preferred communications platform, we can custom tailor a solution that is right for your business. Is it best for you to have many people in one location? ShoreTel can provide this and more. By using their uniquely designed Unified Communications Solution, the “Connect” platform can literally connect all of your employees. Whether in one main location, multiple offices, home offices or no office at all, ShoreTel has the right solution which will help propel companies solidly into 2016 and beyond. This simple solution unifies employees under one Premise, Cloud or Hybrid based network. The system is designed with end users in mind and because of that is easy to learn and use. It’s hard to include all of the benefits of implementing a ShoreTel system, but once you experience the benefits for yourself you will understand why they are known to be “Brilliantly Simple”!

With the simplicity of ShoreTel, your company’s IT staff will never waste time troubleshooting or upgrading phones systems and can focus more effectively on your company’s specific initiatives, which in turn increases efficiency.

If your company has employees in multiple locations—and if employees are frequently being hired— it is important that you have a flexible system that allows adding and removing users. ShoreTel makes it easy to add new phones and manage all existing ones. Their system is designed to account for the employee turnover that all businesses face.

ShoreTel Connect Cloud” systems do require an internet connection, they will continue working even if your main building’s power shuts down, which will inevitably give you an edge over the competition. When other companies’ progress slows due to power outages, your company will be free to keep moving forward and mobilize your workforce.

With all of the benefits of the ShoreTel phone system itself, you’ll receive instant customer service with an easily reached and highly skilled team of people, at Sonoran Integrations who know their systems and can solve your roadblocks and get you back on track quickly.

So what are you waiting for?

If your phone company’s phone system is inflexible, unreliable, and inefficient, it is time to look for a better solution.

Let Sonoran Integrations help you grow your business and give you an advantage over all those companies stuck in the past.

Sonoran Integrations will provide you with a full evaluation of your communication systems.

If you need help with your current telephone systems, whether switching, upgrading or troubleshooting, just give us a call!