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Valentine's Day is typically a holiday celebrated by significant others, but it is also a perfect occasion to recognize other important people in your life. As an organization, your employees are the lifeblood of your brand and are the heartbeat that drives success. It is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate your team, boost morale and show your appreciation for your employees. Even better, focus on celebrating by incorporating team building activities that are fun and a refreshing break from the regular daily grind.

Cards have been exchanged on Valentine’s Day since the 1600’s and it is estimated that Americans spend $448 million dollars on candy and consume 58 million pounds of chocolate during the week of February 14th. How can you show appreciation for your fellow coworkers? Perhaps by bringing in some treats into the office as is always welcomed, we at Sonoran will provide random gift cards for a job well done. What are some other ways you can get creative in showing appreciation within your organization?

Hire a Registered Massage Therapist

Help your staff relax and unwind! Bring a Registered Massage Therapist on-site for the day to provide 15-minute neck and back massages. To sweeten the pot even further, hire an ergonomic specialist that can assess your employee's workstations and make recommendations for adjustments. Employees notice and feel valued when their employer puts forth an effort to ensure their health and safety. Even better, when your staff is feeling less stressed, less fatigued and not experiencing discomfort throughout their workday, you will notice reduced absenteeism, improved morale and an increase in employee engagement.

Host a ‘We Love Our Employees’ Celebration

Bring in a nice catered lunch to the office and get your teams mingling. While lunch is being delivered, we at Sonoran host a “Best of” and create fun gifts for coworkers who have gone out of their way to help our customers. It makes it a fun environment that everyone can join in and creates a great team building setting. 

The Ultimate Gift

If you are ready to pull out all the stops this February and wish to truly wow your employees, how about announcing the gift of Integration? By linking your systems together, your applications become more powerful and allow employees to become more productive not to mention the superior organizational intelligence your company will have access to. Imagine how thrilled your staff will be knowing that they can access all their applications, documents and even collaboration tools from any device or location of their choice.

The Sonoran Integrations team brings a wealth of expertise and experience in delivering business-driven technology solutions and services. We pride ourselves on putting a personal touch on all of our integration projects and are heavily involved on-site to create the optimal solution for your organization's needs. We would be happy to meet your team not only this month, but at any time as you announce your exciting upgrade!

You don’t need to spending $448 million dollars or consume 58 million pounds of chocolate !   Whatever you do, remember to keep it lighthearted, fun and focused on employee appreciation. If there is one thing that people may love even more than a box of chocolates, it is being recognized for a job well done. Whether it is a card, a free lunch, a systems integration or just a moment to say thank you with a smile, these actions go a long way and will help make this a memorable event for your entire workforce.