5 Steps Your Company Can Take Right Now to Prevent Costly Outages

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Why Phones Are Impacting Your Profits

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We get it- you’re a forward-thinking leader with a business to run. Your hands are full keeping an eye on everything from day-to-day company operations to big-picture strategy and long-term goals.

With all of this going on, your company’s phones may seem like the least important factor in your business plan.

Really, do phones even matter anymore?

As long as you have a phone and it’s working, isn’t that all you need?

Here are some reasons why phones do matter…. a lot… and why every business needs to carefully consider their phone system and how it may be affecting their profits and business growth.

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Sun, Baseball and Arizona : Spring Training is Here!

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Spring training baseball in Arizona is steeped in rich history, sun and great scenery. Undoubtedly, one of baseball's greatest traditions, Spring Training offers the perfect excuse for fans to get outside, soak up some rays and cheer on their favorite teams.The Arizona Cactus League is not only a cherished tradition for locals, but attracts tourists and fans from across the country wanting to participate in one of the most pastoral baseball pastimes. From the thrill of getting up close and personal with favorite players to enjoying spending quality time with friends and family, Spring Training offers it all.

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Spend on Mobility, Inherit Disaster Recovery

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We all know disaster can strike anytime—a broken water pipe, fire, weather event… all can do damage and wreak havoc on your business. And when time is money, getting your business up and running after a disaster is paramount.

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