A Cloud Phone System saves you 50% or more…and we can prove it!

Cloud Based Systems PBX Phone Systems Cloud-Based VoIP Systems onsite ROI op-ex cost savings

How much can you save with a cloud phone system?

Our study looked at 19 companies’ phone costs and the results may surprise you.

To see how businesses like yours save 50% or more every month, read on...

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The 8 Most-Asked Questions About Cloud Communications – Answered

Phone Systems Unified Communications Unified Communications as a Service Cloud-Based VoIP Systems VoIP hosted voip business phone service

81% of CIOs believe IT is entering a new era of customer-driven initiatives. Businesses are increasingly embracing cloud communications to craft better customer experiences. Some IT executives, failing to recognize the opportunities cloud solutions can bring to their businesses, are reluctant to adopt this new communications platform. Savvy CIOs view it as a key enabler of a more agile, connected employee and customer experience. They recognize that providing employees with a more aligned communications platform will empower them to deliver a superior experience for customers. As with any new technology, there are several misconceptions and questions to consider.

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Secrets of a Salesperson #2: Reliability- the REAL Story

Cloud-based Services Cloud Based Systems Cloud Cloud-Based VoIP Systems VoIP

Secrets of a Salesperson #2: The Real Story on Reliability

We’ve all heard the hype. Ask any cloud carrier salesperson and they’ll tell you, “We’re the best! We are rated the most reliable service! We rank above the competitors!”

The problem is, they ALL say that.

So how do you gauge who truly is reliable?

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What You Need to Know About the Mitel Acquisition of ShoreTel

Announcements Cloud-Based VoIP Systems onsite acquisitions merger mitel shoretel

There’s a reason the saying, “Nothing is sure but change,” has become a cliché. 

It’s because it’s TRUE.

In the business world, companies seem to either be looking to buy or looking to be bought. The swapping of corporations has become as common as trading lunch box goodies in a school cafeteria. So, it should come as no surprise when we hear announcements such as Mitel’s recent acquisition of ShoreTel.

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To Cloud or Not to Cloud...That is the Question

Cloud Communication Communications as a Service Cloud Based Systems Office Anywhere As a Service Cloud Phone Systems Cloud-Based VoIP Systems Sonoran Integrations trends technology trends


Cloud. Such a simple word...so why is it so scary? 

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Cloud Services and Traditional Telecom

Modern Technology Solutions Cloud Communication Cloud communications Phone Systems Telecom Infrastructure Cloud-Based VoIP Systems technology trends

To most people, the term “traditional telecom” conjures an image landline phones and perhaps old-fashioned telephone poles. Telecom companies provided a way for people to communicate with others instantly over long distances. These connections were achieved through laying hundreds of thousands of miles of cable above and below ground and underwater.

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2017 – What can you expect?

ShoreTel Connect Video Access Contact Center as a Service Remote Workers ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Cloud-based Services Cloud IT Services Cloud Based Systems Cloud communications Cloud Contact Center Cloud-Based VoIP Systems IT Consulting remote meetings new year mobile workforce

It’s that time where the new year is upon us.

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Move your Meetings to the Cloud

Modern Technology Solutions Cloud Communication Remote Workers Cloud-based Services Cloud Based Systems Phone Systems Cloud-Based VoIP Systems telecommute mobility remote meetings

When you work remotely, or go on frequent business trips, staying up to date with your meetings and conferences can be challenging. This is especially true if you’re still using a landline or basic cell phone to communicate.

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Move to the cloud, and find out how much you could save.

Modern Technology Solutions Mobility as a Service Cloud Communication Cloud IT Services Cloud Based Systems Cloud Phone Systems Cloud-Based VoIP Systems telecommute mobility

We know that switching phone services sounds like a hassle, but are you aware how much you could save if you do?

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Selecting a New Phone System

Cloud Communication PBX Phone Systems Cloud-Based VoIP Systems

The thought of switching phone systems can be intimidating. You must think of which system you want to switch to, as well as the costs, features, and technical complexities of each. Unfortunately, switching systems isn’t simple. But when you have the right mindset, the whole process becomes a lot easier.

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