The 8 Most-Asked Questions About Cloud Communications – Answered

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81% of CIOs believe IT is entering a new era of customer-driven initiatives. Businesses are increasingly embracing cloud communications to craft better customer experiences. Some IT executives, failing to recognize the opportunities cloud solutions can bring to their businesses, are reluctant to adopt this new communications platform. Savvy CIOs view it as a key enabler of a more agile, connected employee and customer experience. They recognize that providing employees with a more aligned communications platform will empower them to deliver a superior experience for customers. As with any new technology, there are several misconceptions and questions to consider.

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Cut the Cord! 4 BIG Reasons to Consider Voice as a Service

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Forward-thinking companies are ditching their hardware, dropping their phone carrier lines, and moving communications to the cloud to utilize voice as a service (VaaS). What’s causing this mass migration?

Here are just a few reasons that companies of all sizes are making this strategic move, and why it might be beneficial for you, too:

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Secrets of a Salesperson #2: Reliability- the REAL Story

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Secrets of a Salesperson #2: The Real Story on Reliability

We’ve all heard the hype. Ask any cloud carrier salesperson and they’ll tell you, “We’re the best! We are rated the most reliable service! We rank above the competitors!”

The problem is, they ALL say that.

So how do you gauge who truly is reliable?

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