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Virtual offices, remote workers, telecommuting....

Businesses of all sizes have been moving toward the virtual office model at an increasing rate lately, and for good reason.

Telecommuting is more efficient, more cost effective, and more productive

Perhaps your company has been considering this direction, or even experimenting with makeshift ways to facilitate remote work. With recent world events, however, remote work not only makes business sense, but has become necessary for business continuinity.Get a Custom Telecommuting  Solution

Allowing remote work is vital for the health and safety of everyone.  But where do you begin? 

And how do you create a productive remote work environment for employees?

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Fun Friday - Freaking Out @ Sonoran Integrations

Fun Friday Work Anywhere Modern Technology Solutions Hybrid Communication

If you don't feel this lost without your business phone, why are you spending money on it?

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How does your organization fare in the face of malicious or accidental interruptions?

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In mid-august, Drew Fitzgerald with, the Wall Street Journal reported on a number of malicious fiber optic cable cuts in the San Francisco area. These incidents can influenced bandwidth speeds and communication activities as mundane as Amazon purchases or more importantly 911 call routing. Case after case of these types of activities are reported each, day, month and year.  So many so, that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been brought in to help track patterns and resolve issues in these attacks.

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Fun Friday - Monkey'ing' Around @ Sonoran Integrations

Fun Friday Work Anywhere Communication Innovation
Do you feel this way about your communication, IT or carrier services?

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Two Places at Once… CLONES! Where Do I Get Mine!? Maybe, You Don’t Have To

Coaching Quality Management Work Anywhere Modern Technology Solutions

It’s no secret that the best way to keep a customer, is to keep them happy.  Today technology has evolved along with customer expectations.  Now as a leader in your organization your role has grown to include a vast number of other responsibilities.  You can’t just walk the floor of your office with your coffee mug to monitor and evaluate the state of activity within the organization.

Today’s leaders wear numerous hats.  It varies from one organization to another but in many cases on top of normal day to day, expected work load, leaders are being asked to:

  • Oversee scheduling
  • Analyze data and construct reports
  • Update and maintain best practices processes and other internal-facing collateral
  • Monitor personnel records (e.g. vacation days, work attendance)
  • Make sure all procedural requirements are being met

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