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There’s a reason the saying, “Nothing is sure but change,” has become a cliché. 

It’s because it’s TRUE.

In the business world, companies seem to either be looking to buy or looking to be bought. The swapping of corporations has become as common as trading lunch box goodies in a school cafeteria. So, it should come as no surprise when we hear announcements such as Mitel’s recent acquisition of ShoreTel.

Mergers and acquisitions are a steady constant in the telecom industry, and if you’ve been around for any length of time, chances are you saw some of these notable events:

two paths merging into one
    • 2007 Mitel acquires InterTel
    • 2009 Avaya acquisition of Nortel
    • 2014 OAISYS purchased by Mitel
    • 2016 ShoreTel purchases Corvisa
    • 2017 Mitel acquires Toshiba              … name just a few!

What has been the result?

There are benefits to the end-users when a company is metabolized by a bigger fish, or two smaller players meld into a larger force in the marketplace. Some of the documented results are:

  • Larger, more accessible infrastructure
  • Extensive networking advantages
  • Expanded products and services
  • Improved features through combined R&D
  • Improved customer service through expanded personnel and manufacturing

So how is this recent acquisition going to affect you and your company?

Here is what you can expect:

If you’re in the market for a new phone system:

Whether you’re a small company looking for a simple telephony system, or a large corporation shopping for a comprehensive unified communications (UC) and contact center solution, this merger is good news for you. Now that these two strong competitors have joined forces, your decision process just got a little easier.

By taking the best both companies had to offer and combining them quietly over time, there is now an option that checks all the boxes for your communication and collaboration wish list.

ebook Best Fit.pngThis means any customer who chooses ShoreTel or Mitel Cloud solutions today will be protected against any disruptions, and will have a solid investment in combined collaboration solutions.

 Find out what type of system best fits your business

If you are a current onsite or premise-based customer:

  1. No disruption to your current system. Mitel’s position is to leave ShoreTel product set intact with no plans to change it. 
  2. Optimized products. Combined companies mean combined forces for improvements and innovations to existing products.
  3. Enhanced efficiencies. With the integration and harmonization of software and hardware, your options for equipment will only expand.

ShoreTel / Mitel have great plans for the premise and cloud-based product NOW and for years to come. It is a solid investment with a positive upside of increasing value.


If you are a current hosted or cloud customer:

  1. No change to your UCaaS service. Whether a MiCloud or ShoreTel Cloud customer, your service will remain the same.
  2. The royal treatment. Mitel wants to retain all of its newly acquired customer base, so if you are a current customer, you are in a good place. They will be doing everything possible to keep you happy through excellent service.
  3. Expanded features and abilities. Mitel plans to capitalize on the best of both worlds by combining them and releasing them over time without any disruption to the user.


Change is a constant in the business world and in the technology industry.  This means that it’s more important than ever to have a partner with their finger on the pulse of this sector, who knows your company and can provide sound advice.

If you don’t have a partner, choose one that has a history with many types of businesses, and has a proven track record of customer satisfaction.  They will help you align your technology with your unique business needs- which makes your choice of a partner even more crucial than your choice in communications provider!

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