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A.k.a: VoIP phones, Hosted phones, or Voice as a Service (VaaS)

What is a CLoud PHone System?

A cloud, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) or hosted system is simply a system where the equipment is stored in a provider's data center, and you use it via the internet. 

This means that instead of buying and maintaining a server and voice switch that is stored within the walls of your building, you let someone else house and maintain that equipment.  

How is Cloud different from owning your own Phone system?

Since the company of your choice is providing the use of their equipment in their building, cloud phones systems are  deployed "as a service" rather than a product.  You will essentially pay for start-up costs, and a monthly service, or subscription fee.

Initial start-up costs cover the phones, the programming of your call flow, and the porting of your phone numbers.  

Monthly recurring costs cover the rental of the phones, the support or service fees, and use of the software platform on a per-user basis.

What are the Benefits?

There are several benefits to using a hosted cloud phone system. Some of the benefits organizations enjoy are:

  • Expanded Features

Many features that would be cost-prohibitive to companies to own themselves are included in cloud phone feature sets. enterprise-level sophistication of communication is made available to small and medium size businesses.  For example, instant messaging, web and video collaboration, mobile and teleworking and electronic faxing are often included in the service, but would require additional expensive hardware if you were to buy it yourself.

With hosted phone systems, even a small company can operate as a large scale enterprise.

  • Increased Flexibility

A rich set of features allows for a flexible work environment. Utilizing the software that come with cloud phone services makes it possible for teams to work remotely just as if they were in the office, dialing from their "softphone" on their computer or mobile app without ever sharing a personal phone number. 

Mobile apps and collaboration features make conference calls, webinars, video meetings and on-the-go communication within reach.  No longer will you need to invest in expensive hardware and complicated infrastructure to have a collaborative and agile workforce.

  • Reduced Administration Needs

Hosted phone systems free staff from handling moves, adds and changes that happen regularly within organizations. Technical support is built into the service, so programming changes and administrative adjustments can be delegated to the carrier, while your team focuses on more strategic endeavors.

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