Why Do YOU Need Consulting Services?

The consultants at Sonoran Integrations make it their main goal to seek out and deliver the best options for you and your organization. Our individual consultants are well ­versed in analyzing your needs, your existing technology solutions, and turning this information into a strategy for success.

Dealing with carriers, vendors, manufacturers the buy-it-right-now salespeople, educating yourself on every possible option and then working towards your chosen solution takes your valuable time. doing all this yourself ultimately costs you a significant amount of money! Sonoran Integrations was created to find the best technology solutions for your mounting needs.

Let us help you find both long and short term solutions for your organization's needs. The right technology versus the "right now" technology solutions will propel your profitability and productivity forward!

starting the process


When you begin the consultative process, we work to:

  • Address your current infrastructure, services, and hardware
  • Public vs Private Serviceability
  • Ownership or As a Service
  • Explore your potential areas of growth, especially while looking at current contracts
  • Review any causes for problems or poor performance
  • Compare your capabilities with competitors
  • Solidify exact budgets and time frames to adhere to

Every company is different and our team takes the time to truly understand the inner workings of your organization, as well as explore potential areas of growth. We take our cues from your organization's leadership and base all of our consulting services on your main goals.

Does this mean a "markup" or extra cost to your company? No!  Click below to see how this works: