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There's a reason why businesses and IT professionals call us to fix their communication systems.

We are uniquely positioned to help you with your phone system and related IT needs because we are experts in this industry, helping hundreds of companies for more than 40 years now, and consistently delivering a level of customer service that is world-class.

Tired of ‘babysitting’ vendors or chasing down solutions?

Anyone can sell telecom, but it takes an expert to make it all work. 

If you want to get back to your job and stop dealing with multiple providers, vendors, and carriers that don’t follow through, we can make the transition to our award-wining support easy for you.

Our net promoter score is 91%, while the maximum score with our competitors is 38%!

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What Are Other Businesses Saying About Us? 

Hands Down, the Best Customer Service of All Our Vendors

If you’re looking for a competent vendor with tested results to handle your technical business needs without worry, Sonoran Integrations is the company you can trust to do that for you.   The peace of mind we have now- knowing any issues will be resolved in a timely manner, and any project expectations will be met, has been the biggest benefit of working with Sonoran Integrations. This has set them apart from any other vendor I’ve worked with in the past. The best customer service ever- hands down!

  • Mike U., Hall & Evans, Attorneys at Law


Save Yourself the Trouble- Pick Sonoran Integrations

We have never been able to have a great relationship with a phone vendor in the past, but moving to Sonoran has been a great experience. Unlike other firms we’ve worked with, Sonoran Integrations provides total transparency and honesty. They make sure you understand all the details before you move forward with any products or services. There are no hidden fees or charges afterwards! If you are on the fence about who to choose for telecommunications, save yourself the trouble and pick Sonoran. They actually CARE about the customer and getting the solution right. That means more than any monthly charge when you are having an outage or system crisis.

  • Kaleb S., Manager of IT, Southwest Service Administrators

Always There When I Need Them

Sonoran Integrations has a highly skilled staff that are ready to support you, 100% of the time, at a moment’s notice. Their entire team always “has our back” to help with anything that comes up. They have become our top-notch remote team, providing a level of support that is very hard to find in today’s world.

  • Hector M., Barfield Inc.

You always feel like their #1 Priority

Having access 24/7 to someone that can answer questions and resolve problems in a timely fashion is the biggest benefit with Sonoran Integrations. The personal touch, along with the knowledgeable staff puts them above the rest.  If you want a company that “knows their stuff”, and is willing to work with you side by side whether it’s through implementation or ongoing support and growth, this is the company.  With Sonoran, you always feel like you are their number one priority.

  • Daniel P, Mygrant Glass
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Selecting Sonoran Integrations is a No-Brainer

There is no single benefit when working with Sonoran, there are multiple. Everything from the sales team to the support team are considered benefits. When you work with SI, you get dedicated support and great communication every single step of the way. I can honestly say they are more than a service provider; they are a part of your team.

Previous firms dropped the ball so many times or made us wait for answers and assistance. It’s never like that with Sonoran Integrations- they honestly take your needs/wants and figure out a solution that will work for you. No matter how big or small the service, Sonoran Integrations is there with you 100% of the way.

It’s a no brainer when it comes to selecting Sonoran Integrations as your telecom provider. With Sonoran, you get excellent service, follow through, communication and product delivery. You get experience and expertise in their industry. You get the best.

I will tell anyone that Sonoran Integrations is the premier of the premier.

  • Eddie R., Southeast Directional Drilling

Need a Few More Reasons to Make the Switch?

Here are 9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sonoran Integrations to Handle Your Telecom: 

  1. Comprehensive Solutions & Service. No more piecing together your plans and products for data, voice, phone system and other integrated services. We handle it all from beginning to end to offer a complete communication solution.  This reduces bills, vendors, and countless time spent managing them all.
  2. Award-Winning Service. The telecom industry maximum net promoter score for customer satisfaction is 38%, while Sonoran Integrations’ is 91%! That means you are nearly 250% more likely to be happy with us than with any of our competitors.
  3. Truth and Transparency. No hidden costs, and no wondering whether we are keeping our promises- you will see every line item and have on-demand access to an interactive dashboard that will show you real-time how your systems are functioning. Being vendor-agnostic means we will find the right solutions for you- and will never push a solution that isn't a good fit, so you will always get total truth and transparency on all recommendations and solutions.
  4. Peace of Mind. Big or small, our company culture of treating every customer as a VIP and every business as though it were our own business, means that you can rely on us to make your needs a priority and always have your best interests at heart. If there is a problem with any aspect of your internal system, our experienced technicians will take care of it, and if there is an issue with a carrier, we provide ticket resolution and make sure it's resolved in a timely manner. No matter what the issue is, you can have confidence that we will handle it with no time taken from your team's day. You can have peace of mind knowing that we are working to keep your happy… and thereby keep your business for years to come.
  5. No Babysitting Required. Our comprehensive approach demands that all your systems operate harmoniously, meaning that if one part isn’t working, then none of it’s working!  Our end-to-end approach holds us responsible to make sure everything is operating smoothly at all times, which means we will always follow through and you will never have to ‘babysit and make us do our job. Our company culture of treating every customer as a priority means that you will get a live response when you call, and you can rely on us to follow through on every request like responsible adults. Don’t you wish everyone did that?
  6. More time in your day. Our industry expertise means you get hours back in your day. With over 200 solutions to offer, we put in the time researching and staying informed on all options so that you can have confidence in our recommendations.  Our highly trained technicians are the best in the business and have over 20 years’ experience in installing and support the systems and integrations you need to operate, whether it is one location or nation-wide with multiple sites. Don’t waste your time- let us handle these complex systems while you use your time for other initiatives.
  7. More Money Back in Your Budget. We don’t just save you time and give you the freedom to focus on your job, we save you money while we’re at it.  Our customers save an average of 25-66% on operating expenses when they use us.
  8. Freedom. We offer more than freedom from hassles with solutions, vendors, and carriers.  We offer freedom from commitment with no long-term contracts.  Our commitment to you means we don’t have to force you to be committed to us.  Our long-term relationships with customers have lasted well over 15 years in many cases, because we treat you like a friend, not a hostage.
  9. Risk-Free Guarantee. If you are not completely convinced that we are the right telecommunications company for you within 90 days, we will source and transition you to one that is for free, no questions asked.