What company or team wouldn't benefit from better communication? 

When information and applications are all accessible in one place, efficiency and effectiveness are dramatically increased.  Connecting our sources of data and the devices we use allows for quick and efficient relay of information.  Meetings, projects, daily operations, customer transactions, data entry, work force management, and many more aspects of business all improve through unification.

Modern consumer habits also necessitate UC and oftentimes involve incorporation of contact center capabilities.  Contact center programs can be added to existing business phone systems to improve the handling of calls and the integration of communication systems with other media and programs. This software overlay ties customer records with their calls,  provides data tracking and reporting, and streamlines staffing through work force management tools.

Unified communications is also important in emergency communication systems. In an emergency, the ability to communicate life-saving and damage-mitigating notifications and instructions is vital. UC allows for detailed information to be instantly transferred to authorities, and mass notifications to be sent to involved individuals. 

UC benefits include: